Fabric manufacturers from around the world are coming up with more and more unusual products each year, all with their own characters.......
....with these new materials and the desire to create an original theme, we are constantly evolving everything we do.  

More lavish window treatments and more luxurious fabrics..... 

.....the emphasis being made on the window furnishings becoming the main focal point of the room, all using the finest ingredients !  

Poles and track systems are being developed to do jobs they have never done before. Whether it to span vast areas of open glass or operate electrically, under the control of home automation.   

The showroom has over 20,000 different fabric options available at any one time from many of the London based fabric companies. 

We also have a large range of trimmings, poles, carpets and wallcoverings. 

We are very flexible with regards to the service that we offer, and are happy to discuss any type of project with designers and individual clients. Please contact us with your requirements.